• The car interest rate is between 1.2%-1.38% per month depending on the size of the loan you borrowed.
  • New car interest rate is 0.89% per month.

The conditions for car Leasing:  

  • First down payment 15% up.
  • Leasing period up to 5 years (for second-hand cars), and 7 years (for new cars).
  • Able to pay-off after 6 months without any penalty.


  • Identity Card
  • Family Books
  • Driving license
  • For employees, salary certificate # for business people, profit documents for the last 3 months.
  • Admin fees required (car price $30,000 down, $ 300 and if car price $ 30,000 up pay 1% of total car price)
  • Require insurance purchase once a year (amount may be based on actual car price)

Benefits of Vehicle Installment Service with Ly Hour Leasing PLC including:

  • You can become a car owner immediately though you do not have enough money
  • Profitable and easy to manage cash flow
  • Get monthly interest at a reasonable price
  • Can choose any types of vehicle of your dream
  • No collateral required and easy documents for installment
  • Spend short time to disburse the vehicles
  • Get insurance for protecting your vehicle
  • Interest rate is 1.65% per month
  • Requires you to installment first 10% or more of the total motorcycle’s price
  • Identity card, family book for workers, please attach: work card, employment contract or salary certificate # For business people, please attach: Last 3 months profit document

Conditions for motorcycle depreciation are:

  • 4 years
  • No advance deposit or subject to negotiation
  • Required documents: ID card, family book for workers, please attach: work card, employment contract or certificate of payment Month # For entrepreneurs, please attach: Last 3 months profit document.
  • After 6 months or more, can pay-off without any penalty

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