In daily life, Cambodian people often need to travel by various means, especially cars and motorbikes for travel to work, school, various activities and transportation.
Based on stable situation and economic growth in Cambodia is increasing and based on business survey, I have decided to establish Ly Hour Leasing PLC is the leasing company and providing car and motorcycles leasing as a leading company in Cambodia. The company publishing is not only supporting a part of economic situation through jobs opportunity to Cambodian people, we also fully supported the dreaming of people to get car and motor for daily use. Following on this step and success on business plan are not coincidence, all successful step are coming from shareholders, all levels of staff of company’s performance, integrity for company and clients in term of leadership, good teamwork, especially responsibility as the result we achieved as currently and we still continue to seek more successful result in the future. 
Finally, I would like to express my using to shareholders, all levels of staff, especially I would like to say thanks to all clients of Ly Hour Leasing PLC that trust  and Highly respect leasing service with our company. 


Ly Hour Leasing Plc’s vision is to be a leading financial lease company providing leasing services throughout the kingdom of Cambodia.


Our mission is to provide leasing services to both individuals and companies with the wherewithal to manage their financial resources efficiently and by doing so to improve the quality of their lives. To achieve these goals, we will ensure sustainable benefits to our shareholders, our staff, and the community at large, we will at all times observe the highest principles of ethical behavior, respect for society, law, and environment.

Core Value

  • Integrity: Conduct Accurate and Honest
  • Leadership: Leadership All
  • Cooperation: Joint Goal
  • Responsibility: I do is I take responsibilities
  • Major Customer: Perfect Service





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